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Thank you so much for sharing these resources. You took the time and energy to pass on the information you find valuable and helpful, and that is very much appreciated and respected.

67 Actual Vedic Asyrology Chart

I am beginning to delve a bit deeper into astrology and this list is exactly the type of resource that I feel will guide me as I begin this path. I am entering my Saturn Return and I noticed you began seriously studying astrology around your Saturn Return as well, and so I feel very connected to you in so many ways herbalism being the cherry on top! I feel very blessed to have discovered your work and your gifts. Many blessings, Daphna gem.

Thank YOU Daphna, for the time you took to comment hehe! What a great list of resources, Lisa! You reminded me of ZET. I had it on another computer at one time and it was quite good. Always adding resources as I find them! On that note, I am pretty sure I have you on my blogroll and going to double-check now! Thanks so much for the warm greeting, Lisa.

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"Astrology Tutorials by Astrologer Punit Pandey"

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Like this: Like Loading Thanks for stopping by! Update August 11, — the link does not work and was therefore removed. Thank YOU! I see your site is about Vedic Astrology, which I love!

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He taught me how to approach a Vedic chart, how to gain deeper Please read my essays on "Becoming an Astrologer" -- by clicking here -- and my essay. Your Vedic birth chart is a unique karmic map that shares the wisdom of life- past, present and future Jyotish is the Vedic science of astrology.

Your site is a treasure trove! Hope you are doing well. Nette Webpage. That means the potentiality of the seed is to become an apple tree; to grow hundreds of thousands of apples, and to live its life for whatever period of time. This is the potentiality of every single chart. It shows the seed which has the possibility to achieve its fully-grown destiny to bear the fruits of your karma. Basically, your chart is the blueprint of your destiny, written in a language that only the astrologer understands.

This is, perhaps, the most dangerous assumption people make about astrology.

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Contrary to popular belief, its purpose is not to guess what will happen to you in the future. Astrology aims to help you stay aligned with the oneness of the universe. A lot of people also think that an astrologer can change their life or destiny. This is not possible. Think about it this way: An astrologer has not created your destiny, so he cannot change it. In life, you get the chance to edit it just a little bit through choices and decisions.

You have created it, so you have some power to control it, but you cannot change the whole thing. In this sense, astrology can help by being the guide with which you make choices that will allow you to experience the best case scenario of your own individual destiny.

  • A Tutorial in Vedic Astrology.
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By Sanjeev Verma Published on February 7, Load More. Share Pin Email. Myth 1: Astrology has something to do with magic, the paranormal, or psychic activity.