Difference between astronomy and astrology

Are Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrology All the Same?

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  • Astrology vs. Astronomy: Why Only One Is Considered Science?

Note: You must sign in to submit content to the AAS site. News Item. Astrologers use computer programs that tell them the positions of the planets using the work of real scientists, incidentally , and they do not look through telescopes or learn about stars and planets and galaxies and so forth like astronomers do--except perhaps for fun.

What is astronomy?

Though the practices of astrology and astronomy have common roots, there is an important distinction in astrology vs astronomy today. It came wrapped in a little comic strip about Bazooka Joe and his gang. The wrappers. Astronomy is a science that studies everything outside of the earth's atmosphere, such as planets, stars, asteroids, galaxies; and the properties.

Astrology has many of the trappings of real science, like math and complicated diagrams and a specialized vocabulary, but astrologers do not follow the scientific method. Real scientists make careful measurements in well-controlled studies.

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Astrologers don't do experiments to prove their theories. Instead, they like to provide anecdotal evidence --stories people tell about how accurate they think astrology is. Anecdotal evidence is not acceptable in a real science because it's too easy to leave out all the negative experiences people have, and people not very good at recalling and accurately reporting experiences.

Britt studies the rings of Saturn. What's the difference between astronomy and astrology? Don't refer to an astronomer as an astrologer! This answer was last updated on June 17, Similar Questions that might Interest You What's the difference between astronomy and astrophysics? Intermediate Do astronomers believe in astrology? Random Question. Is dark energy affected by black holes? Most Recent. If I were hypothetically wearing a spacesuit and sitting on one of the Voyager space probes at their current positions in space, how much light would I have?

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The Similarities Between Astrology and Astronomy

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